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We provide you the affordable packages to store your child’s cord blood and tissue. We offer special discounts to the child of armed forces family.


Our services are completely exclusive with no extra cost. All the procedures are conducted in a controlled sterile environment, in a controlled temperature by highly qualified staff.

our working Procedure in 4 steps

The procedure for saving your baby’s umbilical cord stem blood is very convenient. It consists largely upon four stages starts from your appointment with us and ends when the sample reached safely to the laboratory.


Confirm your appointment date, call us and collect/deliver your umbilical stem blood collection kit.


Customer needs to sign a contract and provide a down payment.


A final call is made before the collection and sample is collected.


Your sample is immediately shipped and deliver within 3 days and confirmation is provided.


It is imperative to understand completely how your baby’s cord blood and tissue are saved and processed with us. It is safer and easier procedure. Once you make your appointment with us your baby is given an identification number. This identification number is a distinct number that gives you an ownership of your samples with us. With the help of this identification number you can trace and check the status of your sample. This number is mentioned in all mandatory places, your tool kit etc. which ensures traceability.

Once your sample is acknowledged as being received at the laboratory. Both red blood and white blood cells are separated with the help of a volume reduced method. White blood cells from the sample that includes stem cells and other cells containing therapeutic value are saved.

On completing the processing of the sample with help of a volume reduced method, the sample is saved in a double-wrapped compartment and placed in a controlled environment where temperature is kept very low to “-196 (degree) C”. On reaching this temperature the sample is stored within liquid nitrogen vapor for long term storage.

Shortly after the processing, we will inform you of the cell count details. Your collection kit will exhibit all the imperative details of the paperwork that clearly identifies your baby’s sample with its unique identification number.


Eligibility criteria:

  • Pregnant mothers without any chronic illness
  • 18 years or older; in case of mother’s age less than 18, parents’ consent is mandatory.
  • Written consent of pregnant mother


  • Level of blood if equal or less than 10
  • Mothers with chronic blood disorders


Informed consent is considered mandatory as per HTA regulations. This signifies the services of our trustees. The customer after getting all the relevant terms and conditions, benefits and possible consequences of a collected sample has to sign the contract of consent.


Storage contract will provide you with all the clear plans of Stem Cells storage in our laboratory.


The informed consent is the statement mandatory to collect the samples from you and it signifies that customer is agreeing to our terms and conditions.


This provides the valid details and helps us in conducting tests on maternal blood as well as the sample collected from you.


The delivery day is usually a very hectic one. The collection of umbilical cord blood and tissue is not very complicated.



Keep the delivered kit with you on the day of delivery. Tissue samples, cord blood and mother’s blood sample is to be collected by the health care provider along with their mandatory paper work. This paper work will contain his/her signature enclosed in the kit any paper work.



After processing, your sample will be saved successfully for the minimum of 26 years and you will receive a confirmation call form us along with the detailed explanation of your results. As well as you will be receiving storage certificate.