General Questions

Stem blood cells are reparative and regenerative stem blood cells. These cells perform specialized functions to repair and regenerate organs, tissues, nerve, skin and muscle cells. They can be obtained from bone marrow, menstrual blood and umbilical cord blood and tissues. Stem blood cells and tissues are helpful in addressing all kind of blood, nerve, skin and muscle related cancers and other illnesses.

Umbilical cord stem blood tissues and cells are the richest in their potential and are easy way to collect the highest proportion of stem blood cells at the time of birth of the baby.

Volume reduced method is the state of art technology used to remove red blood cells to extract the richest stem blood cells and tissues. This is the safest and the most hygienic way to get complete volume of stem blood cells and tissues without wasting a single unit.

Cord blood banking system is helpful in saving your baby’s umbilical cord stem blood cells and tissues. Your baby’s stem blood cells and tissues will be saved in our laboratory using state of art technology. We are using the best and the most efficient technological system as well as skilled workers to enhance responsiveness and fairness in our services.

Stem blood cells are beneficial for repairing diseased individuals like blood related organs etc. Its benefits includes the rejuvenating impact despite of being un-specialized form, they perform specialized functions to repair and regenerate the organs, tissues, and nerve, skin and muscle cells.

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You will be provided with the identification number of your sample. With the help of that sample you will be able to check the status of your sample online. The moment we collect your sample from you, we will be informing you about your blood and tissue counts along with the complete status of your sample.