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Volume Reduced Method

Stem cells international organization preferred volume reduction method over whole blood method because of the importance of each stem cell; this method will help in collecting each and all stem cells in the sample collected. Secondly, the collaboration with international smart cells organization which followed the NHS cord blood banking method. The volume reduction method help us in preventing each stem cell of your baby. Enumerated are the several other reasons of preferring volume reduced method over whole blood method:

a) Prominently it is secure method as compare to the other one. Comparatively, freezing method has caused several post-transplant problems due to the loss of red blood cells from the collected sample. The volume reduction method prevents the contents of red blood cells. The prominent cause of danger of red blood cells to the patient is that they go through the cryopreservation lead them towards “lysis” which erupts the cell membrane, the eruption of cell membrane causes free transport of red blood ghosts, and other organelles which causes serious harm to the patient after transplantation.

b) This is beneficial for reducing complications in case stem cells used by a brother or a sister. This method also reduces the blood incompatibility related complications by saving the red blood cell contents.

Volume Reduced Method

An example of a sample being processed using our volume reduction method


A public health intervention conducted 30,000 transplants across the globe so far and is helpful in inventive clinical trials for chronic illnesses, this helps in minimizing the disease burden.

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